Thursday, November 6, 2014

Hello and Happy #ThursDIY!

It's #ThursDIY and we have 12 fun and fabulous projects to get your creative juices flowing this week!  Check out the beautiful paper flower Aunt Peaches made from a simple paper plate!  Lia Griffith is back with beautiful acorns and I whipped up a yummy butterfly cape for my awesome assistant, Danielle!  As always, have fun, hop around and make some new friends.

The marvelous Margot Potter makes a gorgeous 
stamped photo pendant.....Charming!  
Cathy Attix makes a super fun and furry slap bracelet:  
Make any jar an acorn candy dish with this recycled cardboard project!  
Lia Griffith makes beautiful acorns from crepe paper here: 
Make a beautiful butterfly cape with just 1 1/2 yards of fabric 
and one very long straight stitch!  
Aunt Peaches creates the perfect flower (from a paper plate) for any dinner party here!
Paper bag hack by A Piece of Rainbow.....How cool is this!  
Cathy Filian makes the perfect hostess gift. I mean, who doesn't need a candle?  
Cathy Attix made two projects this week and here she makes a terrific 
zipper skull tunic...She's super talented!  
Matchstick Mirror from A Beautiful Mess.....Awesome!  
Heather shows us how to make Christmas angels just in time for the holidays.  My
mom whips out her angels every year at this time.
Gorgeous Paper Diamonds.....Fun for the holidays and a fun
ornament idea for your tree or table. 

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  1. hi mark! i am a fan of your books and seen you on instructables, but never connected the two! so honored to featured here! thank you for your inspirations! =)