Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Artist Pillows DIY

When I was a kid my mom had a poster of the very famous Blue Nude by Matisse in our hallway. I loved it. Many years later I was wandering around the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris and was surrounded by several of Matisse's famous cutouts.  They were HUGE and took up entire walls and I was completely blown away! The Museum of Modern Art in NYC is having a Matisse exhibit until February and if you can get there to see it, I'd recommend it.  As a tribute to this amazing artist, I decided to create some pillows inspired by his beautiful paper cutouts.  I hope you enjoy them.
I love the shapes and the mix of colors
A fun way to have art in the room that's not on the walls!

Watch the video tutorial here!
Some inspiration
Heavy white cotton fabric
Cotton broadcloth in different colors
Pillow stuffing
Sewing machine
Matisse inspiration
Lightly draw out the shapes on the colorful broadcloth fabric and then cut out
Figure out the placement on your pillow fabric
*I made my pillows 20" x 20"
Carefully squeeze the E-6000 Stitchless glue around the edges of your cutouts 
 Iron the cutouts in place until the glue disappears
Pin the back of the pillow over the ironed-on cutouts
Using 1/2" seam allowance, stitch around the pillow and leave an 8" opening so that you can turn it right side out
Clip the corners at an angle
*Clipping the corners leaves less bulk in the corners when you turn it right side out
Stuff the pillow and stitch closed
If you want to, create yarn tassels for the corners in different colors and stitch them on

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