Saturday, December 13, 2014

Recycled Magazine Snowflake Ornaments

I know, I know!  These look like those huge tissue paper roll thingies that you see all over Pinterest.  I'm happy to say that these are much smaller and more delicate and perfect for your holiday decorating. Plus, you don't have to go through 40 rolls of tp to make them.  All you'll need are some old magazines and a few very basic supplies.  Grab the kids and make a ton of these for your tree. 
Merry Christmas!

I went a little nuts making these.... It's like craft meditation.
Watch the video tutorial here!
Wax paper
White glue
Magazine pages
Thin ribbon
 Cut magazine pages in half (side to side, not top to bottom)
Roll one sheet around a pencil and add another sheet when you get to the end
*This will make your tubes nice and thick
Glue the end of the paper down 
Cut the tubes into 1/2" long pieces
You'll need about 8 tubes to make one ornament
Lay out wax paper
 Squeeze some glue on the edge of your wax paper
Dip the pieces in one by one and build your snowflake
When dry, paint with the gold Americana Multi-Surface Satin
Brush glue on the edges and sprinkle with glitter
Add a ribbon through one of the ends and hang on your tree!

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