Wednesday, May 6, 2015

DecoArt Garage Party!

Spring has sprung which means it's time to declutter and work on a few things you've been putting off all winter.  A few weeks ago I had some friends over for a GARAGE PARTY.  We ate quiche, drank mimosas and painted pieces of furniture that needed a makeover.  We all used Americana Decor Chalky Finish Paint and all of our pieces turned out amazing!  Why not gather a few of your friends together for a painting party this spring?!  Have fun! xox, Mark
Me and the gang!
My friend Kayla!
Watch the video here!
 Scott made over a 70's side table with CARBON and LACE.
He painted the table black first, rubbed wax over it, painted it white and then sanded down the details to expose the black undercoat.

 Kayla made over a simple kitchen chair with VINTAGE and RELIC
and used a PARIS Americana Decor Stencil for the seat.

Jaime painted a Queen Anne table with SMITTEN and gave it a vintage crème wax finish.
After it was dry she sanded some areas down to give it a chipped, aged look.

 Danielle painted my candle holders to match my porch in HERITAGE 
and then added touches of gold.
I love the 70s feel!

Stephanie painted her side dresser with a base of TREASURE 
and then coated it with REMEMBRANCE. 
When it dried, she sanded it to expose the Treasure base coat.
I think she likes furniture to match her hair!

 Jonathan found this piece on the street and after sanding it down
he decided to paint it in INHERITANCE and NEW LIFE green to match his
eclectic colorful home!

Tanner and Courtney joined us and painted their wood filing cabinet 
in LACE white and ESCAPE blue and then sanded it down 
to give it an aged look.

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