Friday, May 15, 2015

No Sew Flower Pillows!

Spring is here so I thought it was time to make some 3-D no-sew pillows to liven up my home! All you'll need to make these is a zip up pillow case (there's a link below to every color under the sun) and a little bit of fabric. Also, there are some amazing washable and dry cleanable fabric glues on the market, so this project is perfect for people who don't like to sew or just haven't learned yet. 
 Change up the colors and grow a complete garden on your sofa!
Have fun! xo, Mark
Livening up a plain leather chair in my living room
Photographed in my garden

Watch the short video tutorial here!
1/2 yard taffeta fabric
1/4 yard green cotton fabric
Pillow stuffing or pillow form (to fit your sham)
Try using different colors (link above)
 Cut 8 layers of taffeta in a large circle
Remove one layer and trim down the remaining layers about 1/4"
Continue to do this until you've reached one layer
*This is your center circle
Lightly singe the edges of each circle with a candle so they don't fray
Glue the circles together with E-6000 
*E-6000 is washable and dry cleanable
When dry, create the center of the flower with Allure in a yellow and let dry
Cut out several leaves in green cotton
 Figure out the flower and leaf placement
Add a thin layer of E-6000 Stitchless Glue to the outer edge of each leaf and then iron in place until the glue disappears
Add a stitch design to each leaf with Allure in light blue
When dry, glue on the flowers with more E-6000
Stuff your pillow with a pillow form or pillow stuffing
Zip or stitch closed and you're done

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