Thursday, May 21, 2015

Happy Thurs-DIY!

Happy Thurs-DIY possums!  Every week I round up the BEST in DIY and here are my favorites this week.  Learn how to ICE DYE with Cathy Attix and make the cutest MIXED MEDIA BIRD with Pla.  These gals rock a DIY project every week!  I show you how to make no sew flower pillows and shrines with recycled cardboard..Super fun stuff.
Have fun!  xo, Mark

 Cathy Attix shows you how to make an ice dyed tunic.......How refreshing!
 Upstyle and old buffet with Chalky Finish BrePurposed.....Beautiful:
I show you how to make Box Shrines with cardboard and dollar store frames here:
Make this No Sew Flower Pillow with fabric glue and make a garden for your sofa!
Make a terrific balloon centerpiece.....The House That Lars Built shows you how here:
 Happy Hour Projects shows you how to make huge crepe paper roses here:
Kraft and Mint makes the cutest watermelon garland here:


  1. Hello Mark! Elated to see my watermelon garland on your blog! Many thank yous ;)

  2. Such a terrific project Ursula!