Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Boho Home Decor Projects!

I can't help grabbing all of the fun silicone molds I've been seeing at the dollar store lately.  I don't bake, but I sure love to fill them with things like plaster of Paris and resin!  This flower mold is one of my favorites and I found a place for you to order it below!  Now initially I only wanted to make a simple incense burner, but as usual I went a little overboard and ended up making a mirror and some place card holders.....All with a boho feel.  Can we say CRAFT-A-HOLIC!  The faux glaze technique is really rocking my world lately, too.  Check out the video to see how I made all three projects.
Have fun!  xoxo, Mark
Make colorful faux glazed floral mirror
 My beautiful glazed incense burners!
Place card holders for your next dinner soiree!
Watch the video tutorial here!
Simple Mirror
Plaster of Paris
Drill with small drill bit
Hack saw blade (got several at the 99c store)

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