Friday, July 31, 2015

Magical Mosaic DIY

I need to face it, I'm a messy DIY'er!  I mean a call-in-the-Merry-Maids kind of mess maker.  Every corner of my entire house gets destroyed when I make something, especially mosaic.  I decided to try a different mosaic technique, without the traditional Greek breaking of the plates, and this is what happened.  My nephew happened to be in town when I was making these and we had a blast finding our color palettes and painting or patterns.  Unfortunately we managed to turn my house into a glitterized palace, but it was worth it.  NEVER let an 11 year old handle large jars of glitter....NEVER!
Have fun.  xoxo, Mark

The little circular box was a cheese box.  
Yes, I'm a hoarder with a purpose!

Watch the short video tutorial here!
Americana Acrylics in great colors
Frames and boxes
White glue
You could stop here and just leave them painted

Or you could stop here

I say go all the way!

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  1. The added dot texture reminds me of snake skin and, I really like the colors you chose for this.