Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Papier Mâché Anatomical Hearts

BIG fan of papier mâché here!  You can do ANYTHING with it.......Make furniture, jewelry, home decor objects.....on and on and on.  Since I was filling my curiosity cabinet with, well, curiosities, I thought these might just be perfect.  They're odd, colorful and, of course, a bit curios.  I may make a batch of them to give away on Valentine's day next year.....Who knows?!  The best part is that they're made from recycled materials.  I'm talking old plastic bags and newspapers. Remember......make messes, recycle and always Make Your Mark!
The heart sees all...
See how to make the entire Curiosity Cabinet here!
Watch how to make the hearts here!
Wood Blocks and Kebab Skewers
Allure Dimensional Design Adhesive Paint
Plastic Bags and Newspaper
Americana Decor Metallics in Antique Brass
1. Create a fist sized ball with a plastic bag
2. Mix Americana Decoupage with a splash of water and use it to decoupage strips of newspaper around the plastic fist
3.  Wrap a large straw or create paper tubes with more newspaper and decoupage medium
4.  When the tubes are dry, cut them in 2" lengths with one end of each cut at an angle
5.  Glue them to the top of the fist with hot glue and add more paper over the hot glue
6.  Paint the hearts with Americana Acrylic in red
*If the newspaper is too dark, paint the hearts white first before the red
7. & 8. Cut out the vintage images, clip around the edges and decoupage them to the painted hearts
9. & 10.  Add shimmer to the hearts with the Metallic Lustre and then dot around the image with the Allure Dimensional Design Adhesive Paint in Gold Leaf
11.  12. & 13.  Glue the skewers into the wood blocks with E-6000, paint the tops and skewers black and the sides in gold
14.  Optional:  Edge the blocks with a metallic gold pen
15.  Pierce and glue the hearts on the skewers  


  1. paper maché anatomical hearts- a little bit "serial keller" meets craft maven, but fascinating.