Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Ikea Hack String Art Table

It might be too early in the year to say this, but here is my favorite project for 2017!  It took a while to figure out, but once I got going I couldn't stop.  I made a version of this for a room on While You Were Out but it had been a while and I used a different style of table.  Since the Ikea LACK table is so popular and inexpensive, I think it's the most fun to makeover anyway.  If you don't have access to Ikea, no worries, this technique will work on almost any table you can find.  I'm thinking if you have a cat, this might not last very long!  Remember, have fun, buy lots of different colors of 99c store yarn and always Make Your Mark!
This project REALLY makes me happy!
Very hard to photograph in my tiny house!
Grab a square of glass for the top if you want!
Watch how I put it together here!
Different colors of yarn
300 1" long nails
Hammer and ruler
1. & 2. Paint the 2 table tops in Aubergine and 4 table legs in True Teal
3. Mark every 1" all around one table top and around the 4 sides of both table tops
4.  Mark 1/2" from one corner on both sides of each leg as shown
5.  Add a nail to each mark all the way around the tables and on the corners of each leg
6.  Knot yarn on the corner nail of the table top with nails on top (and the sides) and wrap it to the adjoining line of nails back and forth between lines of nails and moving down the row as you go
*Don't panic, you'll get this and you can unwrap it if you make a mistake
7.  Do this on both sides of the table (you can see how it looks in photo #10)
8.  Flip the yarn wrapped table over and screw in the legs using E-6000 glue to keep them in place and making sure that the two rows on nails on the corner are facing outward
9. & 10.  Add glue to the bottom table top (with only the nails around the side) and then place the table on top to dry
11. 12. & 13. Knot yarn in one corner and start wrapping from the top row to the side row, moving one nail at a time and wrapping 3 rows of the nails, then knot the end
14.  Change colors and repeat the process on the opposite side so the colors overlap
15. Secure all the knots with a dab of E-6000 Glue so they are permanent
*Add glass on the top if you want
 The envy of all other tables!
 A cat's dream!

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