Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Faux Stained Glass

Picture it.....3rd grade art class in early December sometime in the late 70s and I'm rocking a tissue paper stained glass & construction paper masterpiece for the holidays.  Cut to a few weeks ago when I channeled that chubby, glue obsessed 3rd grader and made a tissue stained glass project that's a bit more permanent.  I coated this number with Glaze Coat resin and now I can have it in my house or garden forever!  This is a fantastic way to UP-style an old window pane or even make a piece of art.  Remember to stick to the basics, use simple craft supplies and always Make Your Mark! 
Just needs a little light
Resting in the garden
Everything looks better in 3s
Watch how it's done here!
Old window pane
Tissue paper
Glaze Coat (2 part epoxy resin)
1. & 2.  Sketch out your design and place it under the glass window to use as a guide
3. 4. & 5.  Cut out large ovals, 1" circles and different color green leaves in tissue paper
6. Cut small oval holes in the large ovals and then use that smaller oval as a guide to cut out the same size oval in a different color
*These for for the center of the large oval flowers
7. 8. & 9.  Decoupage the large oval flowers and the different color centers on the glass and then add the dots and leaves
10.  Fill the empty spaces with large light green leaves
11.  Outline the flowers, dots and leaves with the Allure in Gloss black and let dry
12. & 13.  Mix the Glaze Coat (follow instructions) and pour it on top of the glass
14.  Evenly spread the Glaze Coat with a sponge brush
15.  Pop the bubbles with a small torch OR a long arm lighter
*Cover and let cure

Let the sunshine in!
Stained and stunning!


  1. How lovely, reminds me of an Erte magazine cover from the 1920s.
    Will the tissue paper fade over time?

    1. Erte! How wonderful he was! So far no fading and it's been outside for a few weeks. The resin & decoupage medium should protect it from fading.

  2. Love, love, love it. Unfortunately my enthusiasm exceeds my artistic abilities. Your panes look so uniform, it makes me wonder if you have a template you would consider sharing or selling? Beautiful job!

    1. Morning Linda, this was a little freestyle so no template. It actually came out a bit different than I thought it would. That said, you might try looking around at some other pieces for inspiration. You can blow up a design and easily sketch out your own version.

  3. I LOVE working with Tissue paper and Mod Podge / Resin / Clear coating! Beautiful piece!!

  4. Mark, have you ever done an entire glass with a sheet of tissue? Looking at pieces of tissue on Zazzle - there are many I'd like to use as 1 piece..you know, not cut up. I don't even know if that's possible. Your thoughts?

    1. Love the idea, but I think it might be very difficult to get the tissue on in one piece without mistakes and big wrinkles. You might try cutting it in smaller pieces first and applying them one at a time like a puzzle.

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