Friday, September 21, 2018

Hedgehog Halloween Costume

It's that time of year when everyone panics about their Halloween costume.  Well, relax!  I've got you covered with this cute and comfy hedgehog costume perfect for any age.  If you're clever, you can turn this into a skunk or porcupine....Just change up the colors and the shape of the ears.  Happy Halloween and don't forget to Make Your Mark!
Julie rocking her new costume!
Sexy hedgehog?
Trick or treat!
Watch how to make the costume here!
XL Hooded Sweatshirt and fitted tights
Sewing Machine
Oly-Fun Fabric from Fairfield World in Hot Fudge and Sand
Pinking shears
Brown felt
Patterns for spine and ears
1.  Draw a smaller armhole and connect it to the side seam
2. - 4. Cut it out, place it on the opposite side and then cut the other side
5. Fold the armhole cut over 1/2" and zigzag stitch
6.  Stitch down the side seams down to the hem
7.  Cut 9 1/2" strips of Oly-Fun in Sand and Hot Fudge
8.  Fold the strips in quarters, pin the spine patterns and cut long strips of spines
9.  With the hood folded in half, draw a line on the hood from shoulder to shoulder
10. & 11.  Put a rolled up towel in the hood and glue the spines facing front on the hood using 
E-6000 Fabri-Fuse
12.  Continue glueing rows of spines alternating between Sand and Hot Fudge
13.  Glue individual spines along the edge of the last two rows of spines to cover the edges
14.  Glue alternate rows of Hot Fudge and Sand Oly-Fun (pointing upward) across the
back of the sweatshirt all the way to the hem
15.  Glue small, individual spines along the hem
16.  Cut two ears in sweatshirt fabric (from the sleeve) and two felt ears
17.  Trim the cream sweatshirt fabric ears a little bit smaller using pinking shears
18.  Glue the cream ears on the felt ears using more Fabri-Fuse
19. & 20.  Stitch a small pleat in the center of each ear and then attach them to the hood
Happy Halloween!


  1. Hi Mark, I love this costume!! About how many yards of the oly-fun do you need? Thank you !

  2. Hi Mark, I love this so much! It doesn't look like I can get the oly fun fabric in time for halloween... could you do this using felt or foam instead? Or would you recommend a different kind of fabric? Thanks!

    1. I think felt would be a great alternative. I think you can get it by the yard at JoAnn Fabrics or online.

    2. Thanks so much for the quick response! I'll go with felt!

  3. It looks like the patterns are not downloadable, just imbedded. Is there a way to make them available as a pdf? Thanks!