Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Harlequin Stained Glass DIY

I had the awesome luck of meeting the folks from Shardworx (www.Shardworx.com) a few months ago and have been obsessed with their beautiful glass ever since.  When I ran across these window panes on Craigslist, I knew exactly how to use their amazing product!  For a while I was totally stumped at how to make the harlequin separations and thought about using thin trim from the hardware store but didn't want to have to cut all the pieces.  Yup, I'm kind of lazy that way.  Instead, I used wood clothespins and I think they look amazing!  Remember possums, use what you have and always Make Your Mark!
Such beautiful colors!

Watch how to make it here!
SHARDWORX.COM glass in different colors
Famowood Glaze Coat Epoxy Resin
Wood Clothespins
E-6000 Glue
Old Window Pane
White Spray Paint
1.  Cut paper the size of the glass
2. Fold the paper on the diagonal both ways to create an "X"
3.  Draw your harlequin pattern evenly using the "X" as your guide
4.  Tape the paper under the glass so you can see it on the side your working on
5.  Take the wood clothespins apart and spray them white
6. Glue the clothespins along the harlequin lines with E-6000
*You can trim the clothespins with heavy duty scissors if you're careful
7.  Fill each diamond with a different color of Shardworx glass
8.  Mix the Famowood Glaze Coat 2 part epoxy resin according to directions and then
drizzle it over each diamond until all of the diamonds are coated.
9. Pop any bubbles with a long-arm lighter or small torch and then
cover and cure overnight

Love it so much!

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