Tuesday, December 4, 2018

70s Faux Glazed Lamps

The 70s have been influencing everything from fashion to home decor for a while now and I don't think it's going to stop any time soon.  From high wasted jeans to stoneware, we are in the thick of my childhood!  One of my favorite things about the 70s was the beautiful glazed stoneware.  All of those gorgeous shiny colors dripping down big coffee mugs and pottery made me super happy.   These lamps give that 70s feel without having to put them in a kiln! You can mix up some DecoArt Pouring Medium and make them to match your decor.  Pick out some 70s paisley fabric and makeover the lampshades while you're at it.  Try to upcycle thrift-store finds if you can and don't forget to 
Make Your Mark!
Hippy, drippy chic!
Love the way the colors blend together!

Watch how I made mine here!
Americana Multi-Surface Satin Paints
DecoArt Pouring Medium
Americana Spray Sealer in Gloss
Old Thrift Store Lamps
Funky Cotton Fabric
Glue Gun
Braided Trim
1.  Mix 50% Pouring Medium with 50% paint in a squeeze bottle and shake
*I chose 3 different colors of blue for one lamp and 3 green for the other
2.  If you have one, a lazy Susan is great for this project!
3.  Starting with the lightest color, slowly spin the lamp on the lazy Susan while squirting
the paint around the very top letting it drip down the sides
4.  Repeat the spinning and squirting with the next darker color letting it blend with the first color
5.  Keep alternating colors until you get a design that you like
6. - 9,  I repeated the process with 3 different colors of green on another lamp
10.  Once the lamps are completely dry, spin and spray them evenly with 
Americana Spray Sealer in Gloss
11.  Cut 2 pieces of fabric the height and circumference of your lampshade
*My shade was 9" x 34" so I cut two pieces of cotton fabric that size
12.  With your glue gun, pleat the fabric along the top rim of the shade all the way around 
13.  Once you've circled the top, glue and pleat along the bottom while pulling the fabric taught
14. Trim the excess fabric
15.  Tuck some trim into a pleat and glue it around the top and bottom of the shade

From trash to treasure!

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