Friday, November 30, 2018

Neon Cardboard Ornaments DIY is my drug of choice.  It really does make my crafty life easier.  While perusing for some cardboard shipping materials a few weeks back, I found this NEON corrugated cardboard....I immediately ordered it BEFORE I knew what it would become.  That's how I know I have a problem!  Cut to a 2 a.m. ornament making binge on my kitchen table where these little gems appeared.  Grab a stack and start gluing.  It's easy!  It's never a waste to buy things that inspire your creativity and help you Make Your Mark!
Brighten up your tree!
Love the sparkle!

Watch how to make them here!
*You can easily make 50+ ornaments with this stack
1st ORNAMENT Steps 1 - 6
1.  Cut 2 strips in the same color 12" x 1" and 4 strips 12" x 1 1/2" in different colors
2.  Cut the 1 1/2" wide strips in 1/2 diagonally to create long triangles
3. Roll and hot glue the 1" strips into a disk for the center of the ornament
4.  Roll and hot glue the triangular stripes into tiny cones
5.  Glue the cones on the flat sides of the disk
6.  Glue the rest of the cones evenly around the disk
2nd ORNAMENT Steps 7 - 11
7.  Cut 4 different colors of cardboard in the following sizes:
4" x 4"
7" x 3"
7" x 2"
12" x 1"
8.  Glue and roll the 4" x 4" piece to create a tube
*This is the center
9.  Glue and roll the 7" x 3" piece around the center tube
10.  Glue and roll the 7" x 2" piece next
11. Finish by gluing and rolling the 12" x 1" piece around the center
3rd ORNAMENT Steps 12 -15
12.  Cut two 1/2" wide strips in one color and two 2 1/2" strips in another color
*Cut the 2 1/2" strips on the diagonal to create long triangles
13.  Glue and roll the 1/2" wide strip into a disk
14.  Glue and roll the long triangles in to long cones
15.  Glue the cones to the flat sides of the disk
16.  Cut a 3" piece of metallic fringe and glue a loop to one end
17.  Hot glue and roll the fringe trapping the loop in the center to create a tassel
18.  Hot glue a loop in the top of each ornament and a tassel at the bottom
19. & 20.  Embellish the ornaments with Allure in Silver Glitter
*Add more glitter while wet if you want!

Happy Holidays!

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