Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Corrugated Cardboard Ornaments DIY

Recently I got some corrugated cardboard in some packaging and like that weird kid who only cares about the box and not the gift, I went crazy!  So crazy I bought another huge roll of it on Ebay to keep making things with it.  My first project was these ornaments...I LOVE them!  Just roll them up with a little glue, paint and then glitterize them.  So easy!  Kids will love making them, too. I used DecoArt Extreme Sheens because they come in bright, metallic colors.   Definitely grab a few next time you're at the craft supply store.  Remember to use up that holiday cardboard and always 
Make Your Mark!
Just a few of my shiny new ornaments!

Watch how to make them here!
DecoArt Extreme Sheen
Metallic Gold Pipe Cleaners
Corrugated Cardboard
Glue Gun
DecoArt Craft Twinkles
Pattern for Ornaments
Print out for reference, but you'll need to cut your patterns 
on larger paper.  I used a large manilla folder for
my patterns.
1. & 2.  Trace  & cut your pattern from corrugated cardboard
3.  Starting from largest piece to smallest, Roll and hot glue them together
4.  Paint them with DecoArt Extreme Sheen paint and let dry
5. Glitterize them with DecoArt Craft Twinkles
6. Add a wire to hang them from the top using a dab of hot glue
Optional:  Add a pipe cleaner at the top for some extra sparkle

Happy Holidays!


  1. Wow These are so cool I am going to make some to hang around my house. Thank you for sharing.

  2. They are like giant "paper" beads for your tree! If you string them together, you'll have a "necklace" garland and all the ornaments would be earrings... Depending on the size of the tree, it would be extremely cool to put in a bedroom or powder room.