Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Boho Renaissance Ornaments

These ornaments are inspired by Shabby Vintages Studio.  Check out her work on Pinterest!  For mine I added tons of color,  seed pearls, glitter and some favorite images to make them fit my aesthetic.  I named them Boho Renaissance Ornaments only to realize later that I have a Victorian image mixed in...Things happen.  It's the wild west when you're making Christmas ornaments.  Once again I used my  re•design with Prima molds and the basswood round ornaments from Walnut Hollow.  Like all of my projects, you can use the images you want.  I'd love to see a set with vintage family photos.  Fill your tree with handmade ornaments and don't forget to Make Your Mark!
Renaissance with a dash of Victorian!
Pearls and snow glitter make them even more Christmas-y!

Watch how to make them here!
re•design with Prima molds
Birch Ornaments from Walnut Hollow
Renaissance images
E-6000 Glue
Renaissance images
Print to size
1.  Trace around your basswood round ornament on the back side of the image
2.  Decoupage the image onto the basswood round
3.  Stencil over the image with Matte Metallics in Vintage Brass to give it an illuminated feel
4.  Sponge around the edges of the ornament with more Matte Metallics in Vintage Brass
5. Mix the 2 part plastic and fill the re•design with Prima molds
*The 2 part plastic hardens in about 15 minutes or so
6.  Wipe off the residue on the molded pieces and paint with Matte Metallics in Vintage Brass
7.  Dry brush the pieces with different colors of Americana Multi-Surface Satin Paint
8.  Hot glue a thin ribbon on the top of the ornament and a tassel at the base of the ornament
9. & 10.  Sandwich the ribbon and tassel top between the ornament and painted molded pieces
11.  Using white glue, add seed pearls to the edges
12.  While the glue is still wet, sprinkle with snow glitter and let dry

Happy Christmas!

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