Friday, November 16, 2018

Boho Heart Ornaments DIY

My tree is all about bright colors this year and these soft, boho heart ornaments are just the ticket to make it POP!  I used neon colors on my Gel Press and embellished them with glitter Allure from 
E-6000.  I'm excited to be bucking tradition this year and going nuts with a tree that is filled with things that make me feel the joy of the season.  I say, do what makes you happy and
don't forget to Make Your Mark!  

Watch  how to make them here!
Gel Press
Cotton fabric
Sewing machine
Poly-fil Premium Polyester Fiber Fill
Allure Dimensional Design Adhesive Paint in Lime Glitter, Metallic Orange and Pink
Americana Acrylics in Sizzling Pink, Pink Explosion, Scorching Yellow, Torrid Orange
Electric Blue, Laguna Blue Aqua Sky
Pom poms
Beads from
1.  Dot your Gel Press with Americana Acrylics in Sizzling Pink, Pink Explosion, Scorching Yellow and Torrid Orange
2.  Distribute evenly with your brayer
3. Press & pull the cotton fabric
4.  Dot the Gel Press with Americana Acrylics in Electric Blue, Laguna Blue & Aqua Sky
5.  Spread evenly
6.  Place a stencil on top
7.  Press the fabric on the Gel Press again and transfer the stencil by
gently pressing the fabric on the stencil
8.  When dry, cut two hearts from the Gel Pressed fabric
9.  Stitch them using 1/4" seam allowance making sure to leave a 2" opening
10.  & 11. Stuff with Poly-fil and stitched closed
12.  Wrap a tassel maker with matching yarn
13.  Tie the bundle at the top and a contrasting yarn around the neck
14.  Slip off the tassel, cut the loops and trim
15.  Stitch a tassel, pom pom and bead to the tip of the heart
16.  Embellish with Allure Dimensional Design Adhesive Paint


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