Friday, February 15, 2019

Gorgeous Floral Jar Makeover

I can't seem to toss a jar no matter how hard I try so I'm always coming up with ways to turn them into something spectacular.  You might know I'm a huge fan of MacKenzie Childs so I thought I'd see if I could pay homage to her with my never ending stash of Nescafe jars.  A little paint and some prints from your home computer will get you going on this project.  Switch up the details and images to your taste.  Reuse and upcycle as much as you can, my friends, and don't forget to
Make Your Mark!
In love with this trio!
Now what to fill them with?

Watch how to make them here!
Americana Decor Texture in Bright Gold
Americana Multi-Surface Satin Paints
E6000 Plus
Americana Matte Spray Lacquer
Americana Decoupage
Glass Jars
Decorative knobs
DecoArt Matte Metallics
Old Sponge
1.  Paint the jars white and let dry
2. & 3.  Sponge the jars in different shades of the same color and let dry
*I chose different blues, yellows and corals
4. Cut out different images
*Here are links to the FLOWERS and HARLEQUIN 
5.  Rip the harlequin print and decoupage it on the side of the jar
*The shape is up to you
6.  Decoupage the flowers over the harlequin around the jar
7.  Paint the lid with Vintage Brass Matte Metallics
8.  Decoupage more harlequin on top of the jar
9. 10. & 11.  Cut your stencil and with a palette knife, add Americana Decor Texture in Bright Gold over the flowers as an accent
12.  Glue the knob onto the lid with E6000 Plus

So happy with these!


  1. So beautiful
    You are very talented and creative
    Thank you for sharing

    1. Happy you like it Gilda! I hope you make some!

    2. Awesome!! So glad we did not have to hunt 5 other blogs to find the instructions!!!

  2. These are funky as Mark, im looking forward to trying these too. I hope I can get the products you used sent to Australia 😊

  3. What was in the jars before you work on them. The jars are a great shape and I would love to use them.

  4. Nescafe Instant Coffee Jars...I love them! They are great for projects!