Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Pour Painted Rock Rings

I've been obsessed with polished rocks my entire life.  On every vacation my dad would let me grab a few at the local trading post for my collection and to this day I still buy them when I'm in a fun mountain town like Big Bear here in Cali.  If you're too impatient to make your own in a rock tumbler or you're too far from a trading post, you can always pour paint your own and then coat them with resin.  The effects are amazing and they make beautiful jewelry, too.  Rock out & rock on, my crafty friends, and don't forget to Make Your Mark!
Rock out with these glossy rock rings!
Mix in metallics to make them marvelous!
 These look like huge turquoise stones
Rock and roll!
Americana Acrylics
River Rocks
Ring Blanks
Glaze Coat Epoxy Resin
DecoArt Pouring Medium
E6000 Plus
Watch how to make them here!
 Truth be told, I've been wearing these around the house, but they
look much better on Julie!
Pebble perfect!

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  1. Fantabulous Mark!!!! These rings can make a fantastic "GLOBAL FASHION STATEMENT" like you wouldn't believe and thank you for the tutorial.