Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Victorian Flower Press DIY

Everything 70s is back!  We have macrame, ferns, wicker, high waisted mom jeans and now we have pressed flowers.  Pressing flowers was serious business during the Victorian era and it had a lovely resurgence in the 1970s.  That said, in the 70s most people used an old phone book to press flowers but in the Victorian era there were beautiful wood contraptions that looked lovely sitting on a coffee table.  I decided to make something in between a hand carved flower press and a phone book for this project.  Something that could be left out on a coffee table to wow your friends!  In the coming months I'm going to be using my pressed flowers for all kinds of different projects, so stay tuned.  Start pressing your flowers now so you can join in and
Make Your Mark!
 Turn the screws a little more each day to help them along
 Simple cardboard pages make this project eco-friendly

Watch how to make them here!

 I can't wait to start using these!
Happy Spring, everyone!

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  1. Adorable project! Love it Mark. We could also make some beautiful wall decor by following these steps.