Sunday, September 15, 2019

Faux Malachite Boxes DIY

Malachite is my favorite stone.  Though I only have a few real malachite pieces in my home, I have tons of faux painted malachite objects.  Everything from coffee tables and obelisks to these gorgeous keepsake boxes.  Recently Marabu sent me their new line of alcohol inks and I started dripping them on different substrates like plastic and metal.  It's amazing what these inks can do!  Dripped just right in color succession, you can get this amazing malachite effect on simple, hardware store aluminum flashing.  Hey, you have to experiment with whatever you can find, right?!  Be a mad, crafty scientist and see what happens...and always Make Your Mark!
My faux malachite boxes made with Marabu Alcohol inks!
What will you keep in yours?

Watch how to make them here!

My cardboard faux MALACHITE OBELISKS
So chic!

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