Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Jewelry Display - Tattooed Wooden Hands

Need something super funky to display your collection of rings and chains?  These colorful, tattooed mannequin hands might just work!  You can grab the hands on Amazon or at Ikea.  They're super popular right now.  They even look amazing without all of the jewels.  I used Unicorn SPiT to color them and then my secret, foolproof tattoo technique which will blow your mind.   See the video below.  Find wonderful ways to display your jewelry and don't forget to 
Make Your Mark!
 Gotta hand it to you!
 Google "Tattoo Images" and you'll find tons to use!
         Levi's flagships store display in 2013!
Watch how to make them here!

Hands down, one of my favorite DIYs!

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