Monday, September 30, 2019

Rubber Stamp Texture Plates

There are still quite a few of us out there that love to send beautiful cards and letters through the mail.  I truly love putting colorful letters together for friends, even if the note inside just says "I'm thinking of you!"  The other day I started experimenting with my Gel Press and wanted to get some more texture on my plate.  At first I tried pressing some embossing folders on the press, but that didn't really work.  Then I remembered a rubber stamp DIY made out of silicone from the hardware store.  Thirty minutes later I had silicone rubber stamp texture plates that worked perfectly with my Gel Press!  The cool thing about these texture plates is that they can be used like rubber stamps with an ink pad, too!   Watch the video below to see how I made them.  Experiment like a mad scientist, my brilliant friends, and don't forget to Make Your Mark!
Just some of my new stationery!
Darker colors work best over lighter colors
A small Gel Press is the perfect way to ink the plates with paint
Watch how to make them here!

Send beautiful letters in the mail!
Be a mad scientist!

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