Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Fun Art Journaling Techniques

Sometimes I'll take hours and hours on an art journal page and other times I like it to be impactful and fast. It depends on how much creative energy I have running through my body!  When I have the need for speed, there are a few techniques I always use and I'm sharing them with you today.  First I glue ripped book pages down with indoor spray adhesive.  Next, I apply color on every page with something that dries quickly like liquid watercolors. It's a great base and it's light enough to build on.  After that it's all about big foam stamps and paint markers.  That's it.  Just a few simple things and you can fill up a journal in no time and have beautiful pages to jot down your amazing thoughts.    Check out the video below to see just how I did it and make sure to check out Discount School Supply, Joggles and Artistro for some of my favorite art journal supplies!  
Now get out there and  Make Your Mark, my creative friends!
 I filled in the circle shapes with acrylic paint
Be fearless with color! 

Watch how I do it here!
 Work on a few journals at a time!
 Huge fan of Joggles Foam Stamps!  Big and BOLD!

Happy Journaling, my thoughtful friends!


  1. Hi Mark. Just wondered what happened to the video here on the happy journaling! Love all of your ideas. Very creative! Obviously you deserve to be a Creative Director. ha! :)

    1. I think we're back in business! Thanks for the heads up!