Friday, February 21, 2020

German Glass Glitter DIY

I love the vintage look of glass glitter and that it's not made from plastic.  With this project you can add a little eco-friendly sparkle to your projects with these lovely sprinkles.  Now, they're not as sparkly as other glitters but they do have an amazing look that's just as wonderful.  I used a thrift store coffee grinder to make mine and labeled it for CRAFT USE ONLY to make sure that it's never used for food.  You can grab a new grinder for $12 on Amazon and considering the expense of glass glitter in craft stores, you'll save money after a few uses.  Color them with Marabu Alcohol Inks in your favorite colors and you'll be glitterizing everything you can get your hands on.  One more thing, make sure to let the dust settle IN the grinder for 5 minutes before you open it, ok.  Happy crafting, my sparkly friends, and don't forget to Make Your Mark!
Displayed in my collection of 99c store shakers
Around the rim of a simple glass votive

Watch how to make it here!

Colorize them with Marabu Alcohol Inks in all of your favorite colors!
Happy Glittering!

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