Monday, February 17, 2020

Rainbow Rorschach Table DIY

The only thing I remember more than Thanksgiving turkey handprints on paper plates is my Rorschach masterpieces made with construction paper and tempera paint.  Second grade was definitely a high point in my creative life!  In fact, I'm still splattering paint on paper and folding it to create crazy masterpieces!  This rainbow Rorschach table utilizes that 2nd grade skill but UPS it a bit with a printing technique that anyone can do.  I used my Americana Decor Outdoor Living paint for durability since this table is definitely going to get some wear and tear.  All of my tables do!  Look to your childhood for inspiration, my awesome friends, and don't forget to
Make Your Mark!
 An old Ikea table that really needed some love!
I see lips and a beetle! 
Watch how I made this here!

 What do you see?

Everything is better with color!

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