Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Stained Glass with Plastic Folders

When I lived in the east village of NYC, my neighbor and I had windows about 3 feet apart.  We could clearly see everything in each other's apartments!  Since I wanted as much light as possible, I opted for a version of this faux stained glass which let in the light but allowed me to run around free and easy!  For this project I used my Xyron Creative Station which saved me quite a bit of time.  I also used plastic office folders which came in a stack of 40 for about $13 bucks.  So much less than a real stained glass window, right?!  I love that something as simple as an office folder can have another creative use.  Give things another life, sweet friends, and don't forget to
Make Your Mark!
In my kitchen window while they work on the roof next door!
A stack of folders for not much at all!  Here's the link:
Links to everything I used for this project:
Xyron Creative Station: Colorful Plastic Folders: Permanent Adhesive Cartridge: Repositionable Adhesive Cartridge: Moroccan Pattern: MY AMAZON STORE:
I used 99c store certificate frames for this project,
but you could stick these right to the window!

Watch how to make this here!
Watch how to make this on my YouTube channel here:

Faux and fabulous!

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