Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Iridescent Watercolor Stationery DIY

I had such a calm, lovely evening making this beautiful, shimmery stationery!  After I printed out my envelopes and postcards, I poured a glass of wine and sat down for an evening or watercoloring and it was soooo relaxing.  Only after my 2nd glass of wine did I discover I'd been rinsing off my brush in-between colors in my wine glass and not in the water jar.  It happens!  For this project I used Cosmic Shimmer Iridescent Watercolours purchased from the awesome site www.Joggles.com.  If you want some seriously cool art supplies, check them out!  When they dry, they have a beautiful metallic iridescence...You're going to LOVE using them!  Right now we need to send more cards and letters to help our postal service and to send love to people we're not able to be near.  Reach out and connect in any way you can, my sweet friends, and don't forget to Make Your Mark!
 My stack of iridescent love ready to send out!
 Check out the video to see how wonderfully they shimmer in the light!

Watch how to make them  here!
Watch on YouTube here: 
 Print on watercolor paper and cut into 4 postcards 
Print on watercolor paper and cut into 4 postcards
 Print on standard copy paper or card stock, cut & fold
                                    Print cut and fold.                         Print on watercolor paper & cut                                                           

With love....


  1. These are fantastic. Do I need to save the images first before I print them?

    1. Click on the images, pull them on to your desktop and print away! Easy peasy! Have fun!

    2. What a fun idea! Thanks for sharing and always presenting unique and creative ideas. Blessings!