Friday, May 22, 2020

Beaded Bracelets - With my John Bead Loom Kit

Beading was one of my first crafty loves...When I was 12 I joined a group called The Koshare Indian Dancers and learned traditional Sioux, Kiowa and Navajo dances, songs and costume making.  It was a wonderful organization started by a man named Buck Burshears.  In July and December we would perform at our Kiva and in the beginning of summer we would all get on a bus and perform all over the US.  It was an incredible experience.  Making these beaded bracelets brought it all back!  Of course my style has changed a bit since then, but beading on a loom was just as relaxing and gratifying as it was when I was a kid.  Revisit your first crafty loves, my sweet friends, and always
Make Your Mark!
I couldn't stop and made 3 bracelets in a row!
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My John Bead Loom
 So much better than my janky, scrap wood loom from my childhood!
Watch how to make them here OR
Watch the video on my YouTube channel here:

Not one bead out of place!

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