Friday, April 27, 2012

I'm thinking YES........

A few inspirational things from around the world and around the web.   Create up a storm you fantastic people!  
I love a hand painted coffee table and this one hits the nail on the head.  Especially because it takes a nondescript table and makes it into something wonderful with very little effort.
You could decoupage large color copied flowers, too.  Just put sticker paper in the copy machine, cut, stick, and add Minxwax Polycrylic to finish it off.
 What a brilliant idea from  Pick colors that match your room and go wild with finds from the thrift store.
Definitely something I want to try in my back yard. I have a wall that is perfect for something like this.
Made from cardboard rings and sequins glued on the ends. Terrific look for little money. 
From  Great site for good design and this is a wonderful twist on tin can candle holders.  Just fill with water and freeze before you start your holes.  Next, spray them with Krylon Fusion colors for the best finish. 
I love a scrap paper tree.  Always have.  Done with book pages it might be fun, too.
 These are wood planks made from newspaper.  I think they are genius.  It's made by the Dutch Design Group VIJ5.  Below is the dress made from the planks.  
When the paper is glued together it acts just like wood. Impressive and a wonderful way to recycle.


  1. I love all of these ideas! That top table would be an awesome way to take a thrift store end table and spruce it up for my daughter's room! Best part, you could take all mismatched furniture (I'm thinking dresser, end table and desk) and make them all match! Would be really cute with a bright paint color underneath the flowers!

  2. How incredibly cool is that newspaper wood?! Love the look and the concept. Thanks Mark for finding these ideas for inspiration! ~Cindy

  3. I've seen that last dresser before and I just love, love, love it!! :)

  4. Ooo! I think I may have to make a scrap paper tree this weekend.