Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Things here and there that catch my eye...........

Inspiration is hard to come by sometimes.  Lately I've been enjoying the genius of other people and giving shout outs where I can.  I'm glad the world is embracing creativity and recycling.
 Wow, this is pretty and could be done with almost any frame.  A flat pincushion on your sewing table might be just the thing!
Swirling paint inside those flower vases that everyone gets rid of looks quite chic.  These are by Charlotte Trusty and they are truly inspired.
Milk cartons used as storage from  Just Brilliant!
I love things made from scraps and I thought this choker was quite beautiful.  It reminded me of my trip to Africa for some reason.
These are printed melanin plates, but you could easily make these with book pages and glass plates from the dollar store.  Pick any image and you're half way there.  Always finish the back with Minwax Polycrylic and carefully hand wash.  Instructions for making these is in
I love hearts and crowns but only get my fix with rubber stamps.  I thought this was a terrific 3-D version of my favorite images.


  1. These are some awesome ideas. I love the pincushion frame, and the milk jug storage!
    Loving the crown and heart!

  2. What wonderful ideas. I can see adding a couple of those milk cartons to my shower curtain rod, but poke some holes in the bottom, so the water would drain off of my grandchildren's toys.
    Love your plates Mark, those are great.
    Definitely love the choker idea.
    Thank you.

  3. Definitely using the milk jug idea for the kids' playroom, shower and my sewing room. Also great for the garage and shop. The ideas are abounding. But I will have to have the entire family save their jugs for me as I am lactose intolerant and use very little milk.