Saturday, April 14, 2012


I'm dying to hear what you have to say about this one! 
I’m not really sure why I made this but I’m glad I did.  Perhaps the purpose of making something like this is so people have something to talk about when they come over? Truth be told I like dismantling dolls and turning them in to art.  Ok, I like the freaky factor, too.

1 4”X4” Metal electric box
Plastic baby head (that will fit in a 4”x4” box)
Home printer
Elmer's glue
X-Acto cutting blade
E-6000 glue

1.    Remove the doll head and cut off the back half so it comfortably fits in your 4”x4” box.
2.    On your computer, type out tons of fortunes and print them out.
3.    Cut the fortunes in strips and glue or tape them together to make one long strip.
4.    Roll them up and put them aside.
5.    Cut a small slit on the forehead of your baby that is large enough for the strip of fortunes to easily glide through.
6.    Put the roll of fortunes in the head and poke the first fortune out of the slit.
7.    Glue the baby head to the back of the box with the E-6000 and let dry.
8.    Good luck!  You are going to have a terrific day. At least that's what my Baby in a box says.
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  1. ok, this has Angela Daniels (lead Fiskateer) written all over it---she loves freaky things that creep her out

  2. Kellystar - I was going to post "I can't wait until Angela spots this". BBUUUWWWAAAHHHAAAHHAAAA - it is a bit freaky

  3. Mark I love your creative mind and your thought processes but this one really creeps me my cup of tea

  4. Love the whole concept. The only change I would make is that I would have the fortune exiting from the baby's mouth.

  5. Halloween is all I can say. Would be cool to put it by the door as quests arrive. :D

  6. I agree... Angela will love this and probably torture her kids with it. LOL...It is creepy, but right up Angela's alley!

  7. What a hoot! Love it! How do you refill it?

    1. There is usually a hole in the back of the electric box that is big enough to slip in more fortunes if you roll them up. Have fun!

  8. Ok Mark, at first I thought this was pretty creepy (doll heads kinda freak me out) but the fortunes inside are just so darn positive and inspiring that I really am loving the concept! It would be pretty cool to be able to fill it with new fortunes. This is a unique conversation piece and would be a very fun project to make! ~Cindy Lietz

  9. Oh my gosh! I smell Christmas Prezzie for a Doll Part BFF I have!!!