Thursday, October 18, 2012

5 BLING tutorials that will have you stylin' in no time!

Feel  like you need some new bling?  Here are 5 videos (that you can watch right here!) that will inspire you to make some beautiful jewelry to spice up your favorite outfits.  Most of the materials in these videos are easy to find and many of them come from the 99c store (believe it or not)!  Make sure to grab a copy of 
for 150 more ideas!
These Coco Chanel inspired cuffs would look terrific with any outfit.  Pair them with some gold chain bracelets and you'll rule the school! 
Use any kind of beads with this technique!  This project is great for kids or adults and everyone will have a blast making these! 
These resin cuffs are easy to make and now with Mod Podge Dimensional Magic, you can skip the smelly resin part and have amazing cuffs in no time.
Love this project.  I say spray paint them when you're done and dab on some glitter and you'll have something totally different.  Another great project for kids, too!
Using drinking straws helped me make beautiful paper beads. This is not only inexpensive, but super fun to make.  

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