Monday, October 15, 2012

Stenciled Lacy Tee DIY.....Dig it!

You know how much I love altering t-shirts! Well, this one was no exception!  This shirt was already stolen, YES STOLEN by my assistant Lena for her dance class.  Lena, you are so in trouble!  Did you enjoy wearing it?  I hope so because now you're on kitchen duty!  I digress.  A great way to alter a t-shirt that fits well but is a little stained.  This also works on other light colored clothing.  Have fun with this technique!  Make sure to leave a comment, I love hearing from you.
Make this lace t-shirt in no time!  Use any colors you want.
I also made these white jeans and scalloped the hem!
Here's the how-to video 
Me looking like a dork with the finished product.  Oh well.
 You'll need scissors, spray paint, Fray Check or Super Glue and a t-shirt and spray adhesive
 Cut the lace to fit over your tee
 Spray it with spray adhesive
 Stick it to your t-shirt
Spray the shirt with spray paint and let dry for 10 minutes
 Amazing!  Remove the lace and it's perfect!
cut along the scalloped edges of the lace 
On the sleeves, too! 
Finish with Fray Check or Super Glue so that it doesn't fray!
You're done!
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  1. You make this look so easy! I am SO going to try this, but I have a feeling it will not come out as nicely!

  2. So cool! I've used the same type of idea with lace, glitter and sticker paper for a glittery faux lace card!
    I've never used spray paint with fabric, is there anything special you need to do to set it or keep it looking good?

  3. Mark,
    Totally awesome, as usual.
    Does the paint make the t-shirt feel stiff?

  4. I forgot to tell you, I like the jeans as well, would be a good look on leggings as well
    hugs my friend