Wednesday, October 17, 2012

He Crafts She Crafts........Rag Rug Style!

Time for another installment of HE CRAFTS SHE CRAFTS with my friend Stephenie Hamen ( and yours truly!  Before I talk about our projects I want to point out that the He Crafts She Crafts posts are NOT about who does it better, it's about FRIENDSHIP and a MUTUAL LOVE of CREATIVITY.  I LOVE doing this blog with my friend and I am honored that she takes the time to do this with me.  So there you go!  Maybe you can find a friend to give two different perspectives on something?

This week I got to pick the "ingredient" and I chose a rag rug from the 99c store.  Ok, I'm just going to admit it, I've made rag rug bags before BUT in my defense, I have never made one like this!  Complete with a heart and plastic clothesline chain, this RAG RUG BAG is entirely different.  Stephenie got her Halloween ON with her rag rug and embellished with different color ribbons for a Halloween Placemat.  I want 10 of these for my Halloween Candy Feast!
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He Crafts:  My Rag Rug Bag
Here's my how to video! 
She Crafts:  Stephenie's Halloween Placemat!  I LOVE THIS!
She Crafts arial view
 He Crafts Rag Rug Bag

Here's what you'll need:
 Sewing machine
Rag rug
Fiskars Pinking Shears
Plastic chain
Wire cutters
1 1/2" wide ribbon
Matching thread

Cut 2 scalloped strips (about 2" wide) the width of the rug using the pinking shears
 Cut out a heart also using the pinking shears
 Cut your plastic chain the size you would like your handles
 Cut four 5" long pieces of 1 1/2" wide ribbon
Stitch on your heart 
Thread a ribbon piece through each end of the plastic chain and stitch across the ends as shown 

 Pin the ribbon pieces to the bag and under where you will be placing your scalloped trim
 Stitch across the scalloped trim catching the ribbon under the stitching
 Repeat on the other side
 Stitch up your side seams
Fold a corner in the bottom of each side of the bag and stitch across
Turn right side out and you're done!


  1. Hello Mark,
    This is a good He/She craft for sure, I always look forward to seeing what you and Stephanie come with.
    This is a very clever bag indeed. Liked Stephanie's placemat too.

  2. WAY to cute /thanks Mark for sharing

  3. Way to cute thanks Mark for sharing

  4. Way to cute thanks Mark for sharing:

  5. Ok...this is just ingenious! This is a perfect project for me and my 9 year old daughter to do! We both just love your style and you give us tons of thank you and keep on rockin'!!

  6. I was just at Stephanie's blog and loved her project. I like that this is not about competing, because I might even try many hand at your bag, since you wowed made with it too! (Don't really have anything Halloween going ion to five Stephanie's a try.)