Monday, September 29, 2014

Craft Your Stash by Lisa Fulmer

A few months ago my friend Lisa Fulmer told me she was writing a book and asked if I could contribute a quote for the back cover.......What can I say?  I was honored.  Lisa is not only one of the most creative people I know, she has a heart as big as Alaska. I would say Texas, but Alaska is bigger.     Her book, Craft Your Stash, is inspiration and eye candy from cover to cover.  Not only is it filled with fun projects, there are essential design basics and lots of different techniques to try.  This is definitely a book worth having in your inspiration collection!
Transforming Craft Closet Treasures into Gifts, Home Decor and More
I'm a sucker for shadow boxes and Lisa makes one to 
commemorate her vacation.  Just terrific!
This door plaque project is elegant and 
would look terrific in any home!
Give me a personalized ornament any day of the year!
Inspire me to be more organized and I'll be
your best friend forever!


  1. Thank you so much, Mark! And I do love Alaska <3

  2. I loved Lisa's book too. I know I need all the help I can get when it comes to dealing with my stash!

  3. could use a physical reminder for crafting

  4. Mark it was great to read your review - have been a fan of yours for years, and was glad I learned about Lisa and her book through Youtube.