Saturday, September 13, 2014

GEO Stamped Napkins and Envelopes

GEOMETRIC shapes in everything from jewelry to home furnishing have been popping up everywhere!  Why not add a little GEO to your world by making these super chic napkins and envelopes for your next gathering?  Stamp up the invites and the dinner napkins to carry over the theme!  How about making someone a set of stationery or napkins as a gift? 
My table ready to go!
Watch the video tutorial here!
You'll Need
Americana Multi Surface Satin Paints
White cotton fabric
Sticky back foam
Wood blocks
Sewing machine
 Cut the sticky foam to the size of the wood block
Draw and cut out your design
Peel and stick the foam to the wood block
 Spread out your paint color on a paper plate or flat surface
Stamp your wood block into the paint
Use a brush to fill in any spots
Carefully stamp on the fabric
Stamp the envelopes
Stitch around the napkins several times with matching thread
Stitch around the very edge of the envelopes
Now send out those invites for your next party

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