Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Saintly Statement Choker DIY!

Whether you're a saint or a sinner, this statement necklace is sure to keep you safe!  Grab some beautiful dollar store saint bracelets, a few supplies you already have and make something amazing to wear.  Put it all together with E-6000 glue and you'll have a one way ticket to style heaven.
Danielle rocking her new Saint Statement Choker

 The details!
Watch the video tutorial here!
Sewing machine
Small pieces of denim or heavy fabric
Dollar store saint bracelets
Large flat beads
Small seed beads
Jump rings and lobster claw
 Cut to identical denim pieces in a crescent moon shape about 5" wide
Straight stitch them together with a contrasting thread
Cut your saint bracelets apart
 Figure out your design and glue the pieces on with E-6000
 Add more E-6000 around the saint medals and sprinkle seed beads
Allow everything to dry for 1 hour
Cut tiny holes on each end and add jump rings
Attach 3 chains in varying lengths to the jump rings
Attach more saint medals to the hanging chains
Attach chain and a closure to finish it off

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