Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Let's Make Tape!

I'm a tape-aholic.  There, I said it out loud and now you all know.  In fact, I'm afraid to say that one of my kitchen cabinets is entirely filled with every kind of tape you can imagine.  You get the picture....I'd rather play with my tape and forgo room for my pots and pans. PRIORITIES PEOPLE!  A while back my friend Secret Soto shared a tutorial about making tape with napkins and tissue paper and I got hooked.  This was the perfect tape for my artist trading cards and all of the crazy envelopes I make for friends.  Today I'm sharing several different ways I make tape for my projects.
Enjoy!  xoxo, Mark
Just a few of my hundreds of patterns
Painted and stamped.....My favorite!
Fun way to cover a cheap frame
How could you NOT want to stick this all over something?
Learn all my techniques here!

Old credit card or hotel key
*Get this at the dollar store!
Masking tape
Plain contact paper
Sticker paper
Americana Decoupage Papers (love the foil prints)
Tissue paper
Book pages
1. Place strips of masking tape across the non-stick mat
*I got my mats at the 99c store
2.  Ad blobs of paint in various areas on the tape
3.  Spread it around with your hotel key or old credit card
4.  Create an area of paint large enough for a rubber stamp
5. Stamp on the painted tape
6.  Remove from the cutting mat as needed
7.  Paint on pieces of contact paper
8.  When dry, stencil on top using a make-up sponge
9.  Cut in strips to make tape

10.  Grab some double sided tape
11.  Place long strips on the back of the Americana Decoupage Papers
12.  Carefully cut out the tape with scissors
*Cut it in half to make thinner strips
13.  Cut long pieces of colorful tissue paper
14.  Add double sided tape the back
15.  Carefully rip the strips of tape
16.  If you don't want to rip, you can cut the tape with pinking shears
17.  Place the double sided tape on old book pages
*My book was severely water damaged so it was perfect for this project
18.  Carefully rip into strips of tape
Finally, if you have a fun print you like, simply copy it on sticker paper and cut out strips in the size you want.   Paint the page with watercolors or color with markers for extra interest!
Um, kinda my favorite paints of all time!


  1. Wow, I never would have thought about making tape. So colorful! Love it!

    Allison Katelyn @ http://SimpleSilverLinings.blogspot.com

    1. Hey Allison! First, thanks for leaving a comment here on my blog. I actually love making my own tape. I use it on everything from packages to crazy envelopes. I forgot to include fabric in this video! That's also really fun with the double sided tape.

  2. This is awesome- never would have thought of it! I'm in the process of moving- will use this to change up some picture frames and edge some shelving

    1. Love the way it looks on frames. I'm going to put black and white photos inside of them so they don't compete too much. Thanks for stopping by the blog!

  3. Can you insert some pictures of the fabric tape....tks love the blog....

  4. Love your videos thankyou for sharring with us!!

  5. Love the randomness that all the tapes create on the frames. There is no wrong way to do it. Actually, it is soooooo right!!! TFS, Mark!

  6. I love your book!!!!!!!!Your stuff is so much fun. can't wait to try it.

    1. Hey Kitty! So glad you like the book. If you ever have any questions about the projects, just send me a note, OK!