Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Artist Light Box DIY

I've used a light box my entire career and in all of those years I've never had one that was BIG enough.   I FINALLY decided to make one that is 18" x 24" which is big enough for all of my needs including photography.  I used these very cool light strips called Lightify from Osram and they worked perfectly!  However, if you want to use different lights, there are tons of alternatives like
  slim under-cabinet lights from GE.  They're a nice alternative for this project and will work perfectly.
Be creative! Have fun!  Make art!  
xoxo, Mark

Perfect for tracing!
See how to make it here!
18" x 24" x 1/2" Plywood
White Krylon Primer
Sticky Back Velcro 
Connect the Osram Lightify strips together
Remove the backing and stick them to the plywood in a square "spiral"
Add the plug to the end
Place the clear box on top and mark where the cord hits the edge of the plastic frame
Drill a space where the cord hits the side of the frame
*This will allow the frame to lay flat
Paint the inside of the clear box frame with an even coat of the white primer
Attach the velcro to the edges of the frame and where it rests on the plywood
Follow the directions to connect the Osram Lightify system
Light up and create!

The perfect light box for my desk!