Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Halloween Spider Web Vase (and a rubber rat)

Did you know that Americans spend 6 BILLION dollars annually on Halloween?  That's an enormous amount of candy and rubber spiders! I'll bet dentists LOVE this time of year, too.  In my attempt to celebrate Halloween without breaking the bank, I gave some old flower vases a makeover with a few simple items and then filled them with black dollar store flowers.  I styled my little vignette with some hideous rubber rats.  I couldn't resist!  *Leave a comment on this blog and I'll send someone everything they need to make these vases! Have fun.  
 xoxo, Mark

See how made the GLITTER SKULL here!

Watch the 1 minute video here!
Glass vase
Rubber spiders
Hot glue gun
Stick on gems
 Paint the vase black with the Gloss Enamel and let dry
Paint the spider web with the silver glitter Allure
Add gems where the lines intersect
Hot glue a rubber spider to the center of the web
Fill with black flowers
*Leave a comment and be entered to win!


  1. Love these! I'm addicted to Halloween decorations. Just waiting for temperature to dip below the 90s to start my decorating. It sure doesn't feel like fall yet.

    1. I hear you! It's been in the 80s and 90s here in LA as well. I want FALL! :)

  2. I like this glam Halloween look -- a little scary but, mostly sparkly.

  3. I want to make these for my son's new house. He loves skulls & anything creepy. Thanks for the great ideas.