Friday, September 11, 2015

Bejeweled Jar Lantern DIY

My better half told me the other day that it was time for my recycled jar collection to leave the cabinet and find another home.  Apparently there wasn't any room for our real dishes anymore.  Whatever!  Because I love the puff painted lantern jars all over Pinterest, I decided it was the perfect time to try my own version with gems.  How could you NOT love a good recycled jar project?  There were some challenges, but for the most part, this project was enjoyable.  Just make sure to tape your gems in place while they dry or they might slide and only do a bit at a time so you don't smudge the fresh paint. BTW, now my jars can take up room on our coffee table instead of in the cabinet!  Take that.  Have fun, be creative and stay in touch, OK!  xoxo, Mark
Taking them for a test drive in my living room
Before I added the extra dots around the design
See how I made them here!
Tacky glue
Gold spray paint
Flat back gems
1.  Tape lace around the center of the jar
2.  Spray paint the jar gold and let dry
3.  Glue gems in a pattern around the jar
4.  Add the Allure in Gold Leaf around each gem and create a design
5.  Try leaves, swirls and dots
6.  Add dots around the rim
7.  Add another color of Allure that matches the gems
8.  Dot and swirl until you're done and then fill with tea lights


  1. Hi my love Mark, I love these.... Although I'm not crazy about the pink and blue paint. I love how rich the all gold looks. Just personal preference. I'm thinking about doing these in different colors, like silver and possibly white with red jewels for a wedding.... hmmmmm. Thanks for another awesome project!! Love ya' Patricia

  2. Wondering where i can purchase the paints here in Perth Western Austrlaia :-)

    1. They might not be distributed in Australia, but you could try They might ship there.....Also, if you don't have any luck finding the Allure, you might try another gold puff paint. Wish I could be more help.

  3. I love this idea! These would be perfect to stash hair accessories, makeup brushes, a penny catcher or any number of items. Going to have to dig out items from my craft stash and give this a go. Thanks for sharing this idea with us.


  5. Me too Mark.. I have a large collection of jars. Alot of different patterns of doilies in white. My living room color is gold

    I am going to have soo much fun. Thank you for your Inspiration,and your blog...