Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Artist Trading Blocks

I've been seeing beautiful Artist Trading Blocks everywhere and I really wanted to make some of my own to trade with a few friends.  If you've followed me for a while, you know that I have a particular style when it comes to mixed media.....I call it LESS IS BORING, MORE IS BETTER!  Like many of my creative friends out there, I have tons of doodads in bags and boxes just waiting for a project like this. These blocks were a perfect way to use them up!  Just jump in and go nuts.  My favorite part was creating the "toppers" with game pieces, buttons and old jewelry bits.  Remember, use your doodads, share your art and always Make Your Mark!
 Grabbed a few bags of letter beads at a 99c store and have been using them like crazy!
I used my Dremel to drill holes in the centers of buttons, dice & game pieces
My favorite ATB, by far!
Watch how I made mine here!
2" x 2" pine wood blocks
Printed images
Stamp pad
Beads, Game Pieces, Rhinestone Trim & Buttons
1.  Paint your wood blocks with different colors of Americana Acrylics
2. & 3. Paint and decoupage images & book pages on each side of the wood blocks
4.  Distress the edges by dabbing them in a stamp pad
5.  Glue 3" pieces of wire on buttons & jewelry pieces and let dry
6. & 7.  Drill holes through game pieces, buttons and on the top center of each wood block
*I used a Dremel, but you could use a regular drill if you're careful
8. & 9.  Glue more doodads on each block  
*Things like letters, plastic flowers, rhinestone trim and strips of text
10.  Glue 4 matching wood beads on the base of each block for feet
11. & 12.  Thread beads, dice, buttons and games pieces on the wire and glue inside the hole on the top center of each block
Trade with your friends!
Can't wait to trade these fun little pieces!


  1. I love ATB's, I won some a couple of years back and have loved them ever since. Yours are fabulous!

    1. Thanks so much! I had such fun working on them. At first I was a little apprehensive, which is NOT ME at all.....But after a while I went nuts!

  2. I think they look like a lot of fun. I guess I will have to see if I can find a base at a hardware store perhaps. I was hoping someone was selling them blank - but could only find a die for cutting and making a small box.

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