Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Bright Fiesta Furniture Makeover

Lately I've been in love with serape blankets.  Remember my Margarita Chair & Fiesta Trays from a few weeks back?  I love the mix of bright colors with black and white and how they ombre from light to dark.  Recently I found just the colors of serapes I wanted on Amazon and decided to create an entire outdoor dining room set with them.  As it happens, I found a set of comfy dining chairs (purchased at a thrift store) just perfect for this project.  Now all I needed to do was figure out how to get the color-to-color ombre effect I wanted.  Turns out almost any paint sprayer will work for this project. Check out the video to see just how I did it!  
Remember to use tons of color, go bright or go home and always 
Make Your Mark!
Ready for a colorful summer lunch with friends
 Just looking at this set makes me happy!
My beautiful new color-to-color ombre chairs
Watch how to make them here!
Paint Sprayer
Thrift Store dining room set
1.  I smoothed out the table top with DecoArt Wood Reclaim which is a heavy body acrylic coating that smooths out bumps, scratches and worn out veneer
2.  After I washed off all of the dirt and dust from my chairs I filled my Finish Max paint container with Outdoor Living in Harvest and then screwed it back to the sprayer
3.  Only after you've filled the container with your desired color and attached it to the sprayer, you then plug it in
4.  Spray the chair with smooth even strokes leaving the top 6" of the chair unpainted
5.  I put my chairs inside of a spray tent to dry to keep leaves, dirt and dust from getting on them while they dried
*Follow the instructions for cleaning the paint sprayer
6.  Fill the paint container with Sunset and paint the top 6" of the chair using large piece of cardboard about 4" away from the chair to block the paint from spraying too much on the lower painted area
*You want to he paint colors to blend from one to the other
7.  Next I sprayed the bottom of the 2 remaining chairs with Outdoor Living in Ladybug
 (This is such a hot beautiful color)
8.  Spray the tops of the 2 remaining chairs in Pansy
9. & 10.  Spray the bottom of the table in Turquoise Sky and the top in Adirondack using the same cardboard method 
11.  Remove the upholstered seats from the chairs and then remove the fabric from the seats
12.  Trace and cut 1/2" foam the size of the seat
13. Place the foam on top of a larger piece of batting and then place the seat face down on the foam
14. & 15. Staple the batting on the underside of the seat trapping the foam between the batting and the seat and then trim the excess batting
16. Cut the serape fabric about 6" wider and longer than the seat measurements
17.  Staple it in place over the batting
18. Screw the seat cushions back on the chairs

Come join me!


  1. Awesome work, love it. Congrats!

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  3. That is really nice to hear. thank you for the update and good luck can i paint teak furniture

    1. You can paint any kind of wood furniture. Give it a light sanding first just in case the finish is super shiny.