Friday, May 12, 2017

Mermaid Candle Holders

So I'll bet you're wondering why I call these mermaid candle holders.  It was an accident really.  I was painting them and realized at the last minute that if I rubbed a very different color of Metallic Lustre over the paint base paint, it started to look iridescent just like a mermaid's tail.  When that happens you simply have no choice but to use mermaid in the name.  Truth be told I've been making plaster candle holders for a while and the name Plaster Candle Holder just seemed boring!  So here we are.  Remember to mix and match colors, give things whimsical names and always Make Your Mark!
 I love how the Metallic Lustre shimmers in the candle light

The green and purple looks amazing together!
Watch how I made them here!
Plastic Planter (99c store)
Cooking spray
Plastic cups
Americana Acrylic Paint in Wild Orchid & Irish Moss
1. Tape the holes closed at the bottom of the planter
2.  Spray the inside of the planter with cooking spray
3.  Mix enough plaster of Paris to fill the planter about 3"
4.  Fill the planter with the plaster and then tap to remove the bubbles
 and even out the plaster
5.  Press 4 plastic cups evenly into the plaster and let the plaster dry
6.  Carefully remove the cups and dry plaster and sand rough edges
7. - 9.  Paint one plaster candle holder in Americana Acrylic Wild Orchid and the other in Moss Green and let dry
10. & 11.  Rub the Wild Orchid candle holder with the Lavish Green Metallic Lustre and rub the Moss Green candle holder with the Fab Fuschia Metallic Lustre
*Allow a bit of the color to show through in areas to give it a true iridescent feel
12.  Decorate the edges with the Allure in Gold Leaf
*Fill with tea lights and sing your mermaid song

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