Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Spring Shoe Makeover

Toss them or make them brand new with the ONLY paint on the market that is specially formulated for leather and vinyl?  DecoArt Patent Leather Paint is super easy to use and it doesn't crack or peel!  (I love the stuff)  Add some floral embellishments and you have a pair of shoes worthy of the runway.  Donating is wonderful, but getting a 2nd wind out of your tired pieces is always good too.  Remember to reuse, recycle and always Make Your Mark!
Once you start, you'll have a hard time stopping!

 Watch how to make them here!
Vintage Shoes
Floral Fabrics
1. & 2. Paint your shoes with 2 coats of Patent Leather and let dry
3.  Cut our various flowers from cotton floral fabrics
4. & 5.  Coat the back of the flowers with Americana Fabric Decoupage
6. Adhere to the shoes and coat the flowers again with more Fabric Decoupage and let dry
Runway ready!


  1. These look SO awesome! I wonder how many coats of paint it took to cover that black leather?