Friday, April 28, 2017

Harlequin Pattern Nailhead Trim Headboard

I have been on a redecorating kick for months now and it was finally time to tackle the bedroom.  After looking for a headboard for ages,  I just couldn't settle on one that I loved so I decided to try my hand at making over the Ikea headboard I had.  It was the right size but I feel like it was time to graduate from an Ikea headboard to something more ME.  I love harlequin patterns,  nailhead trim and soft padded headboards, so I married all of my favorite things and THIS is what happened.  I grabbed the 1/2" thick foam and batting from and got the nailhead trim on Amazon.  After deciding on my pattern I was off.  Remember to repurpose what you have first, just in case it turns out better than what you might have replaced it with.....Oh, and always 
Make Your Mark!
In love!
 Pillows anyone?
Ready for set up!
Watch how I put it together here!
Ikea Malma Headboard (or wood cut to size)
Staple Gun, Ruler and Pencil
Fabric of your choice
1.  Draw out your design
2.  Transfer it to an actual size pattern on butcher paper
3.  Glue the 1/2" thick cushion foam to the headboard (or wood cutout) with Fabri-Fuse
*Cut and piece foam if you have to 
4.  Cut batting 6" larger than the headboard all the way around
5. & 6. Staple the batting evenly to the back of the headboard and trim the excess
7.  Cut the fabric 6" larger than the headboard all the way around and pin in place 
on the batting and foam
8.  Flip the headboard and staple the fabric all the way around
9.  My pattern had a boarder so I penciled it in with a ruler first
10.  Apply the nailhead trim around the boarder first
11.  Transfer the pattern to the rest of the headboard with a pencil
*I chose a harlequin pattern so I dotted at the intersections
12.  Apply the nailhead trim to the pattern until you're done
Ready for bed!


  1. Exactly how much foam, batting and fabric did you use?

    1. Hi Robin, You would have to measure your headboard (they are all different sizes depending on the size of your bed and how big you want the headboard) The foam is just on the face of the headboard and the batting you would want to add about 12" all the way around to the measurement of your headboard.