Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Faux Agate Side Tables

Nature has a wonderful way of repeating itself.  For example, the rings of a tree are remarkably similar to the rings in a beautiful slice of agate.  While perusing through the Walnut Hollow catalog a few weeks back, I noticed they carried some beautiful wood slices big enough for side tables. As I looked at them I wondered how I could paint them to look like agate slices, or close enough to get the feel of a slice.  After much research and a few failed attempts I remembered an old video I made years ago showing people how to make malachite obelisks.  Whew!  A little tweaking and I was off to the races painting huge agate slices on wood and turning them into these "rockin" side tables.  Get it?  Of course you do!  Pull out some old techniques and make them new again and don't forget to Make Your Mark!
I adore this table sooooooo much!
 Love how reflective the Glaze Coat is!

Watch how I made them here!
Agate Inspiration
1.  Paint the basswood round with Americana in white
2.  Paint rings on the white in Baby Pink and Dioxazine Purple
3.  Notch the edge of a strip of cardboard
4.  Mix equal parts of Vivid Violet and Americana Glazing Medium and paint it over the stripes leaving a white "hole" in the center
5. & 6.  Drag your notched cardboard over the wet paint, following the shape or your painted rings, to create your agate rings
7.  Using white and mixtures of other pinks and purples, create different colors and fill in some of the rings to create color variation
8.  Paint the very edge of the wood round with black (or dark brown)
9. - 12.  Repeat the process with different colors of green and turquoise

13.  Experiment with different color combinations on paper and then paint them on the wood rounds
14. & 15.  Mix the Glaze Coat resin following the instructions to a "T"
16. & 17.  Pour the resin on the painted wood round and spread evenly with a sponge brush
18.  Cover and let cure overnight
19.  Screw 3 hairpin legs into the base of the large round
20. & 21.  Cut out a base and use 3 painted agates together to create a bigger side table
Faux and Fabulous!

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