Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Margarita Chair Ikea Hack

As you might have noticed, I've been experimenting with Unicorn SPiT quite a bit lately.  We all know that it's a wonderful wood stain with incredible, intense color, but I've been having a terrific time finding other ways to use it.  Take a peek back at my summer pillows from a few weeks ago.  Recently I bought a beat up Ikea chair to see if I could turn it in to something amazing and WOW was I surprised at how fun and easy this was to paint.  I used Mexican serape blankets as my inspiration and created what I now call my Margarita Chair.  If you come for a visit and I don't answer the door, there is a good chance I'm in the back yard sitting on this little number sipping a nice, cold Margarita.  Paint furniture, use tons of color and always Make Your Mark!
Shoes off and a book in hand
Two are always better than one

Watch how I did it here!
Spray Water Bottle
Serape Inspiration
1.  Using a yardstick, draw vertical lines about 5" apart along the back of the chair, over the ridge and down the front
*Start painting on the back of the chair so you can get the hang of it first
2.  Working on the middle stripe, spray the area with water
3. & 4.  Paint the stripe in Zia Teal, lighten the edges with White Ning and then paint a small stripe of Blue Thunder down the center
5.  For the next stripe paint Molly Red, lighten one edge with White Ning and the other edge with Midnight Blackness
6.  Paint yet another stripe with Dragon's Belly, lighten one edge with White Ning and the other edge with Midnight Blackness
7.  Paint a stripe with Lemon Kiss and blend Dragon's Belly on one side
8.  Continue the strips over to the front of the chair and on the seat cushion when you get the hang of how to paint the stripes, always making sure to spritz with water before you paint to help blend the colors easily
9.  Paint the front arms of the chair as well
10.  Add thick black lines between the stripes and cover add some wide black stripes to break up the color
11.  Using a 1/2" flat brush, create woven "stitch" lines along the stripes in Midnight Blackness and White Ning
12.  When everything is dry and to your liking, screw on the legs and seal the entire chair with Minwax Lacquer or a waterproofing spray
 Ready to mix up a batch and read a book!